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I haven't slept in two days, my eyes are burning as i type this blog. I have my dreams at my fingertips but I cant close my grip. I need to create systematic system on all my streams of marketing and revenue. I am focused on building efficient processes that allow synchronized harmony with my business.


Templates: to create a Youtube video so when a video performs well I am able to repeat the process because the details are there. I didn't skip any steps so when a video doesnt do well i can find the problem.

Videos: Once long form is processed I will need an organized structure to break down the video into short form.

ADS: Short Form content is the ad. Once the ad is run I will see how it performs. Every dollar spent will be tracked. The time it takes from starting a long form video to (recording,editing,publishing, clipping) seeing the results from a performing ad will all be tracked.

Leads: KPI will be tracked daily. This is all the backend, but very much important to keep cash flow.

MVP: Captured lead is now a Mentee, He/She must win. Collect payment and deliver promise.

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