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Procrastination: emotional underlying issue. What's my fear? There's a negative emotion attached to me not publishing my YouTube video. I do believe I hyped it up, putting it out there to the world added extra pressure. It's been weeks, if I produce a shit video (I know I will because it's my first long form content) it will make me look bad. So I fear what everyone thinks?

Motivation: isn't something I depend on to get into action. I have a responsibility for those who depend on me to consistently push the envelope and bring back results. I show up everyday because of my duty. I've shown up everyday to chip away at this video. I have hours worth of notes but I'm avoiding pushing record and actually recording. At this point I'm stalling.

Why? Why do I need this video done? It will be the start of my media business. IG & short form clips take "hobby" commitment. It didn't take the research, the depth and all the details. I know with this video it will begin the journey of all my long form content. My audience will see the real me. Not the cinematic engaged story teller only. I will inform more and get more of the audience into action.

Habbits: I've stacked all small habits to consistently work on my long from content. From my phone all being set up in a way to cut distractions. My morning routine is dialed in, from doing the bed, property diet, workout and journaling. Wringing as opened up a flow of ideas. It's also helped me organize all of my task.

Time management: I still have not dialed in a perfect day because I fuck off a bit during task. I also don't think my sleep patterns have allowed me to have the most efficient time management set up. My month and weeks are dialed in. The day is still, "wide blocks?" I can definitely allocate the hours more. I didn't want to dial in every hour because that will quickly lead to missing task, resulting in a loss. When it's time to check off a task that I'm "procrastinating on" I will swap it with another task. Assuming I'll get it done before the week. 112 hours seems like so much time until the week is up and you didn't get a 3 hour task done.

Content planning: is 1 of 3 of my "daily quest" health and my real estate business being my other 2. These are linked to my calender with large blocks of time per each. Why am I neglecting content planning? My real estate business is in the selling/buying stage (allows me a lot of free time) my health takes 2 hours. Leaving me with 6-8 hours to get shit done.

Bring others on board: this will bring another form of accountability. How can I bring people on board to help grow a media company and be a procrastinator? It will remove all excuses. This might be what I'm missing.

Studio: what do I need to do in order to rent a space large enough to house a few teammates. The environment will be inspiring.

  • Re-invest deals in Georgia

  • Add 5k per deal in the rehab expense

  • 25k / 4 months = $6000 a month budget

  • Studio budget under 6k

  • Bring 3 motivated GRATEFUL minds on board

  • Organization skills, writing scripts, Content management, people with undeniable will to bring value

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