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New Era: Dominick will now take control of all appointment setting, outbound marketing positioning him to be a closer in the coming months. He will fully understand the interworks of this content game. It's not just about the content! The operation in the backend is what monetizes the "influencer"

Operations: Once he learns to become creative & take initiative in operations will he be ready to advance. The only reason I need him getting paid is because no man wants to work for free. His mind isn't developed to the point where he'll understand it. It will build resentment. To be completely honest, the kids deserves to be fucking paid lol a lot of parents push this other shit and wonder why there kids want nothing to do with their business. Parents will pay for an employee but not their own kid. Also, he needs to start learning the value of a dollar. How to budget. How to manage time.

Finances: a bank account, saving & spending are all traits we get good at by fucking up. He's 14, now's the time to make mistakes. Who knows, what if he's a beast with money management?! Turns around invest in something when his a little older and has 10-15k saved up and puts me on game! The youth will always have there finger on the pulse:

Future: He will have "money" that he earned. He will learn this content industry and use it as a weapon to benefit which ever endeavors he decides to take on. He's on the basketball team, works out, studies & now helps me build a business. What more can I have dreamed of for a son? Thank you 🙏

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