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4th Grade Reading Level

Dumb it down for the viewers. You are an expert in the subject so you can skip the details. Simplify massive problems. I need to bring value through this blog. I subscribed to ¨Morning Brew¨ and Greg Blackman's ¨Write on time¨ newsletter. Fuck, do I feel stupid lol Im peddling in a world I have no business in. It's so interesting to me how people can be that smart. Every day there email is packed with value. Im over here writing a journal with 4th grade grammar.

My vision is, if I can get the common folk who have no idea about this shit, like me, I can introduce them to it. My writing is also terrible, hopefully it'll get better the more I write.

Summary, bring value to the newletter. No this is not the newsletter, one day it will be. Right now I´m just practicing and when I do decide to promote it. The reader can have blogs to entertain themselves with. It will inspire them to start when they see how bad I actually write.

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