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Week of Nov 10

Updated: Nov 19

Friday Evaulations


My new productive system

  • Calendar

  • Things 3

  • Day one

  • Notions

These apps have improved what I get done in a day by at least x3 in a week x5 .. I can still improve so much to. My record time and procrastination needs major improvement. Then, at that point I will dominate the space I’m in.

Because I journal I’m more observant, because I make videos I simply explanations into small sentences. The answers hide in the work. Example, I put off the (mentor course) my excuse was “it’s on YouTube” last week I had a handful of guys come in with zero experience. I finished the course at the end of the week.

Solution, I will log what I’m procrastinating in my “someday” space on things 3. Every Friday, I will choose one & create a real situation that forces me to act. I have always known I’ve been like this, but now with a system I can attack it.

Organize your phone, download the apps, and act.

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